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Other Quartz

Compac quartz is made up of 93-95% natural quartz, along with small quantities of resin and pigments. This makes a stronger stone as well as eliminating porosity. These factors, along with so many others, make compac quartz worktops the perfect new addition to your kitchen or bathroom.

TechniStone® material consists of high-quality natural raw materials (quartz and granite), particles of glass and mirror shards, and a small amount of pigments. Everything is joined together, with high-quality polyester resin and machined into highly durable slabs. Thanks to carefully selected raw materials and original Breton production technology, TechniStone® achieves excellent properties, especially high strength and compactness. Customers appreciate the easy maintenance, non-porous surface and high resistance to bacteria and scratches. An extensive range of colors and patterns offers a flexible number of options for combining engineered stone with other interior elements.

International Stones are an importer and wholesale supplier of quality stone slabs. They offer a diverse collection of classic looking and modern Quartz surfaces. Their range of materials are constantly being reviewed to ensure they are keeping up with new ways to improve the palette to suit all tastes.  Designed with current trends in mind, and with 70 colours to choose from, there is a place in every home for an iQ Quartz.

Unique and high-performance Quartzforms® surfaces, for creating kitchen countertops, bathrooms, coverings and floors, are the result of a long process of technical development that reintroduces the charm of natural stone thanks to cutting-edge technology and an innate propensity for research, insight and creativity.

Silkstone Quartz – a solidly engineered material with a small but stunning range of colours and styles. Most options are available in either a polished or honed finish. But Baltic Grey also comes in a more textured leathered finish, creating the ultimate Nordic Chic effect. The range is split into three collections: New England, Marble and Diamante.