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Worktop Templating

The highest quality worktop surfaces at affordable prices. We can do your worktop templating got you.

Our Worktop Templating

To ensure that we deliver the highest quality result, here at Stone Connection, we employ cutting-edge laser technology to generate a precise replica of your worktop. Our template team will walk you through the exact requirements and raise any concerns with the design that may impact installation. They’ll also tell you if anything else needs to be done before our next visit for installation.

We urge that all equipment be secured in place and the appliances are available at the time of the template.

We will provide you with a copy of our manufacturing requirements before production begins.

For a fabulous finish to your kitchen, it is essential that your worktops not only look and feel beautiful – they have to fit! That means a precise fit, for which our templating service is responsible. 

Our kitchen worktops can be made of a variety of stone materials. At Stone Connection, we offer a comprehensive selection to meet every budget and design requirement. With a fantastic range of colour and texture, you can have a luxury worktop that contrasts, blends or stands out bold and proud against your chosen kitchen units.


Preparations Before a Visit to Measure the Countertop

Our templates are a mock-up of the kitchen to show where to position and fit the worktops. To ensure the best environment for precise measuring, it would be best if you could follow the guidelines below.,

  • All your kitchen units and cabinets must be in place, fully installed and level.
  • Ensure all surfaces are clear of any items.
  • Before measuring, finish any plastering or tiling that will affect the worktop.
  • Accessories that require a hole in the worktop should be onsite. If this is not possible, have the specs, make, model available for the template technician.
  • Appliances that will be next to your worktop need to be in place.
  • If a dishwasher is not located between kitchen units, the open end will need support if the overhang is more than 12” on a full base unit for stone.
  • If the template is going over existing countertops, remove any backsplash.
  • If possible, do not install hobs and other appliances before templating to ensure the exact cut needed.
  • If appliances are not onsite, then the team will require the make, model and specs.
  • Sinks also need to be onsite, already fitted if possible. Farm and Apron sinks need to be in place in the units before the template is measured.

The Template process may seem a bit daunting, but following the tips above will make the process easy. In addition, our team is experienced and professional, ready to answer any questions or explain what they are doing and why. At Stone Connection, we also offer a template service for those selecting from our flooring selection to ensure the fit is perfect.

Why Choose Us?

When looking for a new kitchen or bathroom worktops, you should choose Stone Connection. This is because we have a wide variety of different stones to chose from which come in many different colours. As well as this, our surfaces are of the highest quality and ready to be cut into shape.

Our worktop materials are top quality, so they deserve to be fixed and fitted to the same level. To do that, we provide a trained and experienced team to visit your home to take accurate measurements for the template—an essential process for all our worktops but essential for shaped and bespoke countertops.

Our Showroom

Come to our showroom in York to learn more about our granite, quartz, and other natural stones for a range of applications around your house.

We provide a wide selection of materials for you to examine at leisure in our stockyard, ensuring that you select the best option for you.

We’d want to show you different types and colors of our worktops in person. You may also inspect the quality of our stone worktops.

If you’re looking for a tiled worktop or bathroom floor, come by today to learn more about our services.

Our View

At Stone Connection, we think that all of our stone surfaces are of the finest quality available to our clients. 

As a result, we’ll suggest items to you that we believe would look great in your kitchen and bathrooms.

If you’re unsure about which type of stone to use for your new worktops, contact us right away and book a visit to our showroom.

We’ll be delighted to assist you with your worktop material selection.

Our team is available to help you select the best worktop for your needs, position and fit it perfectly. You can check online for a complete catalogue of our stone material selection, or you can visit our showroom.

Worktop templating