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Lapitec Worktops

What is Lapitec?

The hardness of porcelain, the natural minerals from stone and the consistency of manufactured stone – without any of the resins.

A unique product, now defined as a Sintered Stone, Lapitec is a supreme example of a construction material developed by employing advanced scientific manufacturing techniques.

It has only been possible to create such a material by obtaining the most highly refined natural constituents and by controlling the physical and chemical environment of aggregation and crystallisation during manufacture, to a degree not possible before.

Lapitec’s composition is 100% mineral with no resin or hydrocarbon based binder components. Its chemistry and mineralogy is similar to a granite, but with a tight, cryptocrystalline structure similar to Porcelain.

  • Inert and tolerant to very high temperatures, frost and unaffected by moisture.
  • Resistant to UV light, acids, alkalis, abrasion and everyday wear and tear.
  • All slabs have Lapitec Bio-care applied as standard.

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