How Much Are New Worktops?

How Much Do Worktops Cost?

Want to update your kitchen? Give it a fresh aesthetic and feel? Then a great option is to replace the countertops, which is more cost-effective and a lot less mess than ripping your whole kitchen out—especially if your units are still in good condition! Plus, it gives you the option to introduce new features, like low maintenance, heat resistance, durability, easy-clean, bacteria-resistant, alongside looking at eco-friendly alternatives 

Come and see our vast array of colours and choices of materials available of varying quality and cost. At Stone Connection, we provide a selection of top quality materials and craftsmen to help design the best choice of worktops for your kitchen that meets your budget.

What The Cost Of Replacing Worktops Involves

Your budget will depend on several factors including

Common Worktop Materials & Average Costs

Laminate  – one of the cheaper options at £20 – £50 a square metre. Laminate is made from layers glued together, and as such, while they can last, they need high maintenance as they are not heat resistant and can start to peel. Potentially, due to their composition, they can be water-damaged.

Granite – is a popular choice for worktops, adding a unique and quality feel to any kitchen. Granite is available is a wide range of colours and patterns. Costs range between £250 – £400 per square metre. Not a cheap option, but granite worktops are tough yet elegant, ideal for a busy kitchen. 

Quartz – If you are looking for a stylish, durable worktop that is non-porous, heat-resistant and sustainable, then one of our ranges of quartz worktops are what you need. A quartz worktop can be from around £250 – £500 per square metre. 

Marble Choosing marble adds that extra touch of luxury with many options in terms of colour and patterns. Costs range from £300 – £400 per square metre, but the price depends on the rock type in the structure – the more expensive, the more durable.

Other Considerations For Your Budget

Selecting your worktop material is a significant consideration for your budget, but you also have to budget for several other factors that can include

Check Out The Choice Of Stone Connection Worktops

The worktops at Stone Connections are varied and versatile—and have many uses. For instance, in your bathrooms, home office desks, floor tiles, bar tops or as a hearth. 

Our top-grade materials are an investment in the look, practicality and sustainability of your new worktops. Please get in touch with us to chat about your requirements and our services. A personalised quote is the best way forward due to the various costs of replacing worktops. To assist with this on our website, you can upload your plans for a personalised quote. Of course you are welcome to visit us on-site and get to see, touch and experience the beauty of our worktop materials.