How are worktops installed

Worktop Installation

The quick answer to that is by a professional. You are spending good money to upgrade your kitchen with new worktops and possible new units. You want experienced people who know what they are doing to create your dream kitchen.

If you have know-how and skills, yes, you can DIY new worktops and units but are you really confident in those skills, especially if you are working with a new element such as stone or quartz?

At Stone Connection, all our personnel—from customer service to our installation team—are professionally trained and experienced. 

The journey to your new worktops starts with selecting what you want them constructed of.

Selecting Your Worktops

Picking out the right worktops is a personal choice. Quartz, granite, marble and concrete are very popular due to their hard-wearing, low-to-no staining properties and just how lovely they are to look at and touch. 


Check out the variety, texture and colours of the stone we have available. We are very proud of our reputation for the top-quality work our craftsmen produce using cutting edge technology. 

We have several types of stone available; it is best to discuss with our experts the use your worktops will undergo as to the best stone for your kitchen and aesthetics.


Getting an accurate fit for the worktops is essential and requires exact measurements. For this, the kitchen units need to be in place, fitted, secure and level. Unlike wood worktops, you cannot screw stone worktops to the base units. Therefore, unless they are level, there will be a visible gap between the top and the base unit that will require packing. You can avoid this by ensuring the base units are level using a long spirit level.

Once accurate measurements are taken, the worktops are fabricated to fit precisely and accurately using cutting-edge laser technology. This CNC technology and our experienced craftsmen have given us a reputation for top-quality bespoke worktops.

Installation Day

At Stone Connection, we keep a check on the process of getting your worktops ready to install. Once they are ready, we will contact you to arrange a time and place. Depending on how many worktops need installing, it could take a couple of days.

Installing worktops is a strenuous job. Accurate measuring and fabrication have to go hand in hand with levelled, fixed and secured base units where all the fixtures are in place. Using a special silicone to seal the joints gives a flexible surface, unlike resin that some companies use, which goes hard and can crack if there is any movement.

Once installed and with any upstands in place, we ensure your sink is bonded into place. Finally, we will seal and clean your worktop surfaces if the stone requires it. 

Want to take a look at the worktops we sell? Please get in touch with us, and we can arrange a visit, or you can upload your questions or even your plans, and we will get back to you with a quote.