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Why Is The Kitchen Important For Your Home’s Resale Value?

When buying a new house, we are told that location, location, location is the primary point to consider; however, for many, the kitchen makes a serious impact. If you are selling your house, you will have to take a long hard look at your kitchen to ensure it is at its best.

Experts say a new kitchen can raise the value of your home by 3 – 6%, which, even if you are not considering selling your home, is still an attractive proposition. So on a home valued at £235,000, you could be looking at a £7,050 – £14,100 increase in value.

However, before you start throwing out the kitchen cupboards, think about your house’s price bracket. Adding a £25,000 kitchen to a home valued at £200,000 is not a cost-effective move for you. Although your buyers may be lining up, you will not be in profit. Plus, with creating such a luxurious kitchen, you might not want to move! Conversely, if your house value is near a million, a £10,000 kitchen will not make a lot of difference, and a cheap-looking kitchen might even bring the value down.

Points To Consider When Considering Changing Your Kitchen

Investing in your kitchen is a positive move, even if you are not selling your home. You can do this over time, spreading the cost but still gaining resale value. The main point to remember is what you are adding to the value compared to what you are spending.

Consider the style of your home. Aim for keeping your kitchen design to complement the remainder of the home. Potential buyers will appreciate the continuity of style and decor.

Buy up-to-date, quality equipment that will not look dated in ten years, the latest tech, good lighting, and elements that will catch the eye of buyers.

However, if your house is not your forever home, you need to look at the house and consider where you can increase the value, especially if your budget is limited. Plus, there is not much point in putting in the kitchen of your dreams if you will be moving out. 

Experts say a kitchen is a crucial selling point. If your kitchen is very outdated or dropping to bits, a potential buyer will not want the cost and time of renovating a kitchen. 

Options Other Than A Complete Kitchen Overhaul 

The kitchen needs to be welcoming. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do about its size, but you can make a small kitchen look bigger by uncluttering it. With a big kitchen, remember it is the hub of the house. Make it more attractive by adding seating, or a breakfast bar, where people can gather.

Changing the kitchen worktops can make a major impact on a kitchen. Going for some of the newer contemporary countertops styles can give a completely new look to your kitchen space. Stone Connection offers a wide selection of modern countertops in granite, quartz, and marble in different textures and colours. Subtle, luxurious, sophisticated and eye-catching these countertops can blend or contrast with your kitchen units, creating an upbeat modern effect for a lot less than a kitchen overhaul.

Having your kitchen cupboards repainted can also make an impact. Combine doing that with new countertops and de-cluttering your workspaces. As a result, your kitchen now becomes a hub and a major attraction for buyers, adding immediate value to your asking price. 

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