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5 Tips To Care For Your Granite Worktops

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If you’re like most people, you probably think of granite as a cold, hard, and unyielding material. But the truth is that granite is one of the most versatile and durable materials available for kitchen worktops

You might be thinking of getting or already having some granite worktops and panicking when it comes to prolonging their life. Luckily, Stone Connection has put together a guide on how to care for granite worktops.

Clean Granite Worktops Regularly

Our first top tip is to clean granite worktops regularly. We recommend you clean them down at least twice daily. Most people wipe them down after breakfast and after their last meal of the day. 

Granite worktops are not difficult to clean, simply use a damp cloth and dry off the excess water if there is any. 

To clean them effectively, it’s important to use a mild soap and not strong, harmful detergents.

Don't use Scouring Pads and Detergents

Using a scouring pad on granite worktops can cause scratches and abrasions. This is because the scouring pad is made up of tiny particles that can damage the surface of the granite. In most cases, it’s best to avoid using scouring pads altogether when cleaning granite worktops.

It’s also important to know that you should not use cleaners that are based on alkaline and chlorine as this can be damaging to your work surface. Another thing you should never use is bleach. 

These chemicals can damage the appearance of your worktops by dulling the colour or changing the colour altogether.

Prevent Putting Sharp Objects Onto The Worksurface

Our next care tip is for you to not put sharp objects on the worktop. As well as this, you should avoid putting hot things like pans directly onto the worktop and instead use a pan stand to allow room between the heat and the work surface.

It’s important to avoid putting sharp objects onto the worktop without protection and this can cause permanent scratches and marks to become visible and alter the appearance of your worktop forever. 

Although your worktops can take heat pressure, over time it can cause damage to your worktops.

Wipe Worktops Immediately

It’s very important to wipe your worktops straight away if you spill something on it like juice or sauce. 

This is because granite is slightly porous meaning liquids and bacteria can enter the worktop’s surface which in turn, causes the granite to darken and break down.

Use Chopping Boards

Finally, we always say you should use chopping boards for absolutely any type of cutting or slicing work.

You should never cut things directly onto your granite countertops as it will cause marks to appear on the worktop and it will alter the appearance.

Although granite is very strong and can withstand the impact of a knife, over time your countertop will show marks and scratches. As well as this, your knives will also become blunt.


Granite worktops are a great choice for your kitchen as they are very durable and versatile.

However, in order to keep them looking their best, it’s important to follow these 5 tips on how to care for granite worktops.

By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your worktops look amazing for years to come. Contact our experts today for more information.